I am a strategist, creator, and data analyst.

I believe innovative marketing communications are empowered by data, revealed by strategic planning, and, ultimately, expressed with creativity.


ADA Brad Consulting

Leading the future of fashion 


Global brand re

cognition via global publishers (Vogue, Forbes)


Unmetreality, a virtual luxury fashion game, had planned to global launch its product in 2020.

As the main PM, I led the brand consulting partnered with Media, Creative, Legal, Tech, Data, and other internal and external partners.


Through 6-months of in-depth market research, my team and I have consulted the brand’s direction in leading the ambiguous but blue ocean, the virtual gaming industry.

My team and I found ADA special in that it was a virtual game specifically designed for luxury fashion brands and products. Anyone in the game could wear, try, and experience the highest premium products and even services through the virtual game environment.

Not only ADA successfully delivered benefits to luxury brands by estimating the demand for pre-seasonal products to brands, but it also provided opportunities for all consumers despite their financial status. Anyone interested in fashion could be part of this world, a world that was only limited to the 'upper class' in the real world.

Our team defined ADA as a democratized luxe, a Next Fashion OS that everybody will update to.

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