I am a strategist, creator, and data analyst.

I believe innovative marketing communications are empowered by data, revealed by strategic planning, and, ultimately, expressed with creativity.

Condé Nast

Digital Marketing Campaigns  

Content Creator


Created Paid Social content and assisted in strategic planning for brand communication. Clients include Chanel Fashion and Beauty, NARS, COACH, LV, Burberry, Lindberg Asia HQ

Content Creator (Intern) at Creative Contents Lab, Conde Nast Korea.

Creative Contents Lab., is an in-house brand of Conde Nast Korea with Vogue, W, Allure, GQ Korea.
They specialize in planning and producing branded content for luxury brands, mainly fashion films.


As a creative intern, I was responsible for assisting senior editors with creative productions - editing videos using premiere pro and after effects - and also responsible for assisting in English pitches for global clients such as Louis Vuitton, Lindberg, and Burberry.

The video on the right shows projects I assisted and also designed.


Hyundai DutyFree

PR Campaign 

Duty Free’s resonse to COVID recession


ResultThe campaign arose many positive PR releases, and the client expanded the marketing budget to continue the 'Duty' series.

Most of us, including our clients, are struggling with this tragic situation - COVID-19. But none of them can compare to industries like the duty-free.

Hyundai Department Duty-Free decided to cancel the annual campaign in 2020 and almost all the other projects. However, the brand needed urgent marketing solutions to keep its brand position apparent, as they launched the brand only three years ago.

Our agency had to find a plan b, a big idea to utilize a situation in making a positive and attractive image for Hyundai Department Duty-Free.


The initial idea started with using the word 'Duty.' The reason behind the fall of the Duty-Free industry meant that everyone was serving their 'duty' to keep the pandemic under control. If we were to connect the word 'Duty during the Pandemic' with Hyundai Department Duty-Free, it seemed like an effective, yet attractive solution.

Jimin Park  Portfolio

Client :     Kolon Sport / Korea Outdoor Clothing Brand
Project:   2019FW Campaign
On-Air :   October, 2019



Kolon Sport, the number one Korean Outdoor brand, decided to add authenticity to its new campaigns.
The 2019 seasonal campaign was to give a different approach to what has once been more about fashion and style.
Going back to its originality and heritage as the oldest Korean outdoor brand, we aimed to communicate the love and respect for nature, and how their relationship with nature serves better products.

The model, Ryu Jun Yeol, was specifically chosen as he was known for environmentalist,
and the campaign revolved around him being a little part of the large nature, not the main protagonist.



Branded Film


Korean Outdoor brands, including Kolon Sport itself back in 2018, often adhered to using western cities - the U.S. and Europe - as their backgrounds for the campaigns. However, in 2020, Kolon Sport restated the definition of "outdoors" by choosing to go to Mongolia, where real nature resides. We believed the wilderness of Mongolia will highlight the quality, function, and most of all the authenticity of the brand. Of course, interactions with the native Mongolians and Ryu Jun Yeol added to this fruition.



What is an authentic brand massage for a brand that flourished thanks to COVID?


Project Scope: $3M

Won agency pitch Increased brand awareness and brand favorability by +200%

- Award Winning-

Grand Prize won at 2018 Korea Advertisig Congress.

Jimin A. Park Portfolio



2018 I’min Channel

Created a fashion film channel called ‘I’min’ in 2018.
With the passion for both marketing and fashion, I aimed to create entertaining fashion videos that were not yet popular kind of content on YouTube. Also, through fashion films, I wanted to change the perception of the stigmatic perception of fashion and beauty in Korea - it must be perfect, likable to guys, must be mainstream, and more. I created fashion films with a different interpretation of music lyrics, such as "Good for Myself" altered from "Good for You" from Selena Gomez.

For the videos with marketing purposes, I wanted to test out if the audience responds to stories mixed with fashion and celebrity trends. One of the main projects was called ‘same style, different prices (같은 스타일, 다른 가격)’ series.  By introducing a similar style of clothes to celebrities’ but in a much more affordable price range, the videos attracted the most views (up to 15,000 views) from the channel.

Our channel was sponsored by CJ DIA TV and continued our projects for four months.
Through <I’min>
, I have once more acknowledged my passion for media content.
More importantly, a desire to work in a bigger media industry to communicate to the whole wide world. 

< Good For Myself >