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Hyundai DutyFree

PR Campaign 

Duty Free’s resonse to COVID recession


ResultThe campaign arose many positive PR releases, and the client expanded the marketing budget to continue the 'Duty' series.

Most of us, including our clients, are struggling with this tragic situation - COVID-19. But none of them can compare to industries like the duty-free.

Hyundai Department Duty-Free decided to cancel the annual campaign in 2020 and almost all the other projects. However, the brand needed urgent marketing solutions to keep its brand position apparent, as they launched the brand only three years ago.

Our agency had to find a plan b, a big idea to utilize a situation in making a positive and attractive image for Hyundai Department Duty-Free.


The initial idea started with using the word 'Duty.' The reason behind the fall of the Duty-Free industry meant that everyone was serving their 'duty' to keep the pandemic under control. If we were to connect the word 'Duty during the Pandemic' with Hyundai Department Duty-Free, it seemed like an effective, yet attractive solution.