I am a strategist, creator, and data analyst.

I believe innovative marketing communications are empowered by data, revealed by strategic planning, and, ultimately, expressed with creativity.

Jimin A. Park Portfolio



2018 I’min Channel

Created a fashion film channel called ‘I’min’ in 2018.
With the passion for both marketing and fashion, I aimed to create entertaining fashion videos that were not yet popular kind of content on YouTube. Also, through fashion films, I wanted to change the perception of the stigmatic perception of fashion and beauty in Korea - it must be perfect, likable to guys, must be mainstream, and more. I created fashion films with a different interpretation of music lyrics, such as "Good for Myself" altered from "Good for You" from Selena Gomez.

For the videos with marketing purposes, I wanted to test out if the audience responds to stories mixed with fashion and celebrity trends. One of the main projects was called ‘same style, different prices (같은 스타일, 다른 가격)’ series.  By introducing a similar style of clothes to celebrities’ but in a much more affordable price range, the videos attracted the most views (up to 15,000 views) from the channel.

Our channel was sponsored by CJ DIA TV and continued our projects for four months.
Through <I’min>
, I have once more acknowledged my passion for media content.
More importantly, a desire to work in a bigger media industry to communicate to the whole wide world. 

< Good For Myself >