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I believe innovative marketing communications are empowered by data, revealed by strategic planning, and, ultimately, expressed with creativity.

Shinsegae Int’l


Rebranding Campaign

Why do Korean women bring small mirrors everywhere they go? 


Outperformed OKRs by 30%, and led the post-campaign total sales increase by 300 percent


JAJU is a lifestyle brand of Shinsegae International, one of the top fashion companies in Korea. Though their high-quality products and reasonable pricing, they attracted many young Korean consumers since 2014.


However, there was an unceasing critic that the brand is very similar to a Japanese lifestyle brand, MUJI.  JAJU, with its strong Japanese-like image, had to step outside of their comfort zone and make a change.

Insight / Action

As the lead project manager, I partnered with the Big Data Analysis team to deliver an authentic brand message targeting Korean millennial women.

The campaign introduced the new definition of 'health' to Korean Millenial women, who are known to have a high level of stress in order to stay 'healthy.'  The strict standards to 'what is beautiful and healthy' made women so ashamed of themselves and was constantly lowering the confidence.

To change such perceptions, we embraced and depicted diverse kinds of health. By constantly shouting "Mansae!" - a cheering word in Korean - women were encouraging both themselves and the others, ultimately making 'health' as one's own uniqueness.

English Copy
Square: 3000days / Menstruation Life / I want to / get along with her 
Main Copy: For you who wants to take care of your monthly health, from new JAJU