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aer Mask

Branding Campaign

What is an authentic brand message for a brand that flourished thanks to COVID?


Client: aer / Mask Brand
Project:Branding + Product Campaign
Project Scope: $5M


AER is a mask brand of a filter company called ‘CNTUS Sungjin’.

With the company’s exceptional technology, AER has launched in 2019 in response to severe air pollution in Korea.


The unexpected crisis of COVID19, of course, caused explosive demands of masks and grew AER as one of the most iconic brands in 2020.

However, the goal of the AER campaign was not focused on delivering their success nor leadership in the market.

Clients wanted to share their sincerity and authenticity towards their hopes to end this crisis.


They explicitly commented that the campaign should not look as if they are enjoying the situation to use it as a business tool.

The main copy of the campaign shows the intention: "We make good masks to welcome the world without masks."